2017: a year in review…

It’s the beginning of 2018 and we’re all thinking about how to improve ourselves going forward, but we never seem to look back on the things we’ve achieved within our year.

2017 has been a rollercoaster of a ride, especially emotional wise. This year was my chance to get what I wanted organised in my head, wanting to know how to go forward. I made the biggest career decision to date, it was one I had been pondering over for quite some time. For those who may not know, I used to run a fashion magazine entitled ‘Meade Magazine’. After months of wondering if I would ever return to fashion or whether it was the correct industry for me, I decided it was best that I stepped down and concentrated on something new.

I recently started to write for fashion magazine ‘Rion Magazine’, which is starting to gain some great reactions. It felt great to not be in control, no pressure about success or deadlines, I knew at that point I’d made the right decision to cut down and out of doing it as a business. Whilst trying to make money from something I was passionate about I was working, looking for a job within social media or marketing, either would do for me, something to get my foot in the door. I up the game on job searching for what would be a career job, eventually landed a job that I could get my teeth into and learn about a new sector for media and marketing.

Whilst all this was in motion, I also proposed to my current boyfriend of 3 years, t’was time to put a ring on it (as they say). Now engaged, my partner was eager to buy a house, as it was something on his list of wants and requirements. So we’re starting the house hunt, looking at what we want and the areas we want to live. Who knew, that 2 months later we would find a house and buy it! We got the keys to our new property on the 4th of December, oddly enough the day I started my new job and the re-decoration game was about to begin. Within 12 days, we’d manage to get the house to a livable stage so we could move all our belongings into the property, tired was an understatement of how we were feeling at the time. Thank goodness for the Christmas break, it was needed for us and enforced us to chill out.

So now, we’ve started the new year, in a new house. Wondering where everything is going to go but I guess that’s the fun part, or so they say. We were fortunate enough to not have to pay stamp duty, so that puts us back into the idea of wedding planning again. So here’s to 2018 and the new beginnings it will bring, I’m looking forward to the adventures and challenges ahead, and if you’re wondering I have set my own resolutions for myself.

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