All New Britain’s Next Top Model

In 2013 the ‘Top Model’ franchise in Britain had been cancelled on Sky, in which it has been titled ‘Britain and Irelands Next Top Model’. Contestants from Britain and Ireland could apply to the show, the judges were supermodel Elle McPherson, Julian McDonnald, Grace Woodward and Tyson Beckford plus a few others thrown into the mix throughout the years it has been airing on TV.

It was announced that it would be returning to Lifetime TV in 2015 but back under Britains Next Top Model because of Licensing issues. It was announced that there would be brand new judges such as Hilary Alexander, Nicky Johnston and Paul Sculfor with Abbey Clancy hosting the show. BNTM hasn’t had the best reviews in the media, it has been criticised as the lesser, duller version of ANTM – saying that the judges are ‘boring’ or ‘over-hyped’ to try and be entertaining.

Looking at the new line of judges what can we say about them, the public loves Hillary but who exactly are the other two judges? Watching the preview snippet it looks like a low budget, YouTube piss-take of the ‘Top Model’ series – something most people would criticise and say “what the hell did I just watch”. They have been releasing quotes from the judges, as a teaser for what we can expect from them on the show – and let’s just say I’m not impressed so far.

Earlier this year it was announced that ANTM has been cancelled and showed it’s last episode on the CW in October, even though fans have said they still want to watch it – the rumours are that it’s moving to Lifetime like BNTM.

I’m wondering myself how long this version of the show will last, is there a reason British versions of American shows don’t last? It is the hosts, the production or is it all just simply lost in translation from overseas – I guess we’ll never understand the true magic of Television and what makes for a great cross-over.

Only time will tell how this Series of BNTM will turn out, and our expectations have already been lowered. This could be the death or even the revival of a struggling series.

Watch the clip here and be the judges yourself.


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