About Me

An award-winning Editor and creator of award-winning online magazine Meade Magazine. I have 3 years experience within the industry as shown through my portfolio and want to continue going forward in being a leading name within Fashion, using my writing skills and passion for all things Fashion to bring content for others to read and enjoy.

My Experience in Meade Magazine

Editor in Chief of Meade Magazine; a small, independent magazine promoting up and coming talent in the fashion industry.

Responsible for the conception, promotion, content creation and editing, marketing, social media management and publication of Meade.

Using strong communication and networking strategy, I  built a small team (5 people) providing and managing content for the magazine. Leveraging social media I have managed to achieve 10,000 subscribers through the company created website; and 23,000 followers on Twitter, achieving over 150 sales within the first year of the magazine.

I am a very self-motivated individual who is very much up for a challenge; illustrated through my work in creating my own business. I have a good eye for quality, and a strong creative drive shown through my online content and writing.

Always looking for opportunities with other companies and influencers.



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