Are Celebrity lines ruining the Fashion Industry?

In a world, that’s now jam packed with ‘Celebrities’. Are these celeb-infused fashion lines doing the industry any favours? I have yet to find a Reality TV Celeb come out with a decent fashion collection, even if you could dare to call them collections. With a new bunch of Reality celebs being produced almost every year with MTV, what does this mean for the future of fashionable lines?

Surely not all these people ‘Ex On The Beach’, ‘Geordie Shore’ and other such shows can have their own celeb line. The industry is hard enough to impress without the pressure of trying to be famous to sell a clothing line, half the time they don’t have anything to do with their lines creation. It feels so disingenuous, like they’re just picking up the paycheck that goes with their name and dubbing themselves entrepreneurs.


I say disingenuous because it doesn’t feel like they’re pushing the boundaries of fashion, it’s just repetitive clothing design in different colours. I get the idea its clothes that they would wear but what about what their fans would wear? Maybe I’m missing the point, I’ve never really understood the idea of celeb lines. The one of thing I do enjoy is when they make their own fragrance, I feel that shows you what kind of person they are.

Now when it comes to A-list Celebs such as Victoria Beckham, she had a lot to prove within the industry but she pushed on through and is a fabulous fashion designer. Not everyone within the limelight gets it right, especially since the rise of the Kardashians, even Kayne West has attempted a fashion line. I do have to hand it to the Olsen twins, they seem to have great taste in fashion, not always perfect but damn near perfection. What do these celebs have to offer other than their profitable name, what insights do they have to give, especially if they’ve not studied fashion in their lives. Is not naming themselves a designer an insult to those whom have spent years learning the craft?


It’s not hard to see why most people would want to get on board, in an industry where some celebs have made from $10m – $1bn. Not all Celeb lines have been successful, which shows that not every had the golden touch when it comes to designing. As Heide Klum would say “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”,  so what’s the secret to a successful line?  Back to my original question, are they ruining the industry, I personally believe if you’re not pushing the boundaries of fashion, encouraging younger designers or supporting them in some sense, then you’re the problem the industry is now facing.

So please, if you’re just buying something because it has a TV celebs name on it. Make sure you do your research first, maybe support a close friend who’s trying to make it instead.

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