Fashion Designers: Please stop showcasing in Nightclubs, I urge you!

We have all heard the illustrious stories of heyday fashion after parties, held at some of the most exclusive nightclubs around the world. Fashion Designers would invite influencers and VIPs to help them celebrate their success and blow off some much needed seem from the stress of Fashion Week, what better way to do that then host a party like no other.

Now I’m no stranger to aftershow parties, they become part and parcel of Fashion Week, it’s a great way to network. People become more relaxed a talkative and before you know it you’ve made a few more connections by the time you leave, I think this is why many people attend them. Not only that sometimes you don’t get to see the people who you’ve become friends within the industry often because you’re all busy, this is a perfect way to catch up with everyone.

Since the rise of popularity of turning up to such events, some designers have decided to showcase their collections within a nightclub itself. Giving that vibe of you can wear this anywhere, which is a great selling point for the people viewing it live. The atmosphere with pumping loud music and models strutting their stuff is something powerful, something memorable and certain is something people talk about. However trying to take pictures or even get a chance to see the detail in each garment is severely diminished but the lack of lighting in a Nightclub, unless you pick a nightclub where you can install your own lights and runway – in which case what was the point in the first place.

I’m urging designer to stop showcasing their collections at nightclubs due to the pure fact that seeing it live and seeing it online have complete two different viewpoints, in person you get the experience. However online it just looks cheap and tacky, like you had zero budget and expected people to pay at the door – even if you didn’t. Each season there’s one new designer who attempts to do this and most of the time it fails horribly, I’ve seen it done spectacularly before but that’s when you know they’ve got the budget to pull it off successfully.

You’ve also got to think about the fact of photographing the event, how do you best showcase your collection in low lighting. You can have the best photographer but they’re still going to have to use their flash to get the quality they need to give to publications,  which then diminishes the whole aesthetic of you showcasing there anyway. I enjoy designers trying new things and pushing boundaries of where showing a collection should be, I’m not stopping creativity but I urge you please think about your brand and what this represents to you – don’t just follow the trend, set it.

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