Fetishisation of the LGBT community.

This is not something I would normally write about but it is something I wanted to express my opinion on. Now before I get started I don’t have a problem with people having fetishes or particular things that turn them on sexually, I’m not a prude, but I do have a few issues with some things that seem to have become the norm within the community.

The concept of fetishes is not a new one, it’s been around for many years. The LGBT community seems to have embraced almost every part of what is a fetish, each person picks what makes them tick and no one person is the same. However what I’ struggle with is this idea of ‘Sissy’ boys and the over-sexualization of transgender men and women within the community, mainly because of porn (let’s face it). We all know there are plenty of gay men that are more feminine in their traits in terms of societal expectations, but to make them wear women’s panties and high heels. I don’t get it, why make them dress like a woman if you’re into men. If you’re into that then each to their own but then don’t be the ones to come out with comments like ” they represent us badly “, because you’re part of this vicious circle of thinking it’s okay to sexualize them into that category but heaven forbid they have a personality.

The second on my list has to be the transgender community since the idea of transsexuals is appealing to some men it sends mixed signals, the rise of what they call FTM porn it seems as though men think all transgender people are into it. Even looking at the statistic we can see that 80% of the murders in the LGBT are transgender people, and this is because people believe they have the right to harras these people for sex.

The last but certain not the least I’m looking towards the black men in the community, it seems they have been pigeonholed into the category of “BBC”. The idea that because they usually have bigger than average penis they have become over sought but only for sex and the trophy idea that you have had a black man, not talked about them as people or what attracts you to them other than what’s in their pants. Some within the community have tried to reclaim the word almost like a feminist movement so it’s something they can be proud of and celebrate, I must applaud you for your continuation to fight against the continuation of you must be this to be sexy in the LGBT world.

We can be leaders in a sexually free world, lifting barriers of what is acceptable by society but I think we need to think about the bigger picture sometimes.

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