Get the taste of Summer with the Cranes

This Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur was developed by Cranes co-founders and identical twins Ben and Dan. The Twins collaborated with one of the UK’s top mixologists to develop this smooth, flavour filled liqueur. The vibrant red beverage is handcrafted in Cambridgeshire and uses the finest cranberries from Wisconsin USA, along with high-quality blood orange juice and rind. The bright red colouring comes from the cranberries and blood orange, to create a drink that both looks and tastes great.

Cranes Liqueur comes in an attractive glass bottle, highlighting the iconic red of this fruity beverage. Both flavours complement each other greatly to create the ultimate taste experience. Take this along on a scenic picnic for a refreshing alternative to your usual summer tipple.


If you’re looking for inspiration try one of Cranes signature cocktails:

The Crallini
Simply add 20ml of Cranes Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur into your chosen glass, then top up with 100ml prosecco. This is a delicious fruity cocktail, perfect for any prosecco lover.

Lemon Berry
For a refreshing cocktail, create the Lemon Berry in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Add 35ml of Cranes Liqueur along with 15ml Limoncello and top will 150ml of Sicilian lemonade.

Take your cocktail glass, add 25ml of Cranes liqueur, 20ml of Cranberry juice, 20ml of Vodka and finish by squeezing 1/4 of a lime.


This delicious Liqueur is perfect for any picnic, trip or BBQ this summer. Know someone with a birthday coming up? Cranes also comes in a gift box, for a more unique gift anyone would enjoy.

 Cranes Liqueur can be purchased in two sizes, 35cl for £15 and 70cl for £25.
It’s 20% vol and is currently available online at Drink Cranes.

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