Has real journalism died?

In the war against bloggers whatever their niche, Journalism has always been held in high regards. With many people making their names due to their investigative research, winning the ultimate goal a ‘Pulitzer’. We still see the moments of investigative journalism and the expose of corruption, but what about the rest of the profession?

Online influencers have been growing since 2008 when Twitter was launched and 2010 when Instagram was launched, the market for Social Media personalities sparked a new generation of marketeers.  Blogger and Vloggers got the change to share their opinions either through writing or talking through their likes and dislikes, it gave the world a new medium to enjoy reviews or critiques.

Since journalism has had to battle with the changes in media, it feels like it’s turned into a battle of who can get the most link clicks and improve their online circulation. Even what now feels like to the detriment of what we would consider a journalist, writing click-bait headlines and using others for political backlash. Recently the Daily Mail wrote an anti-trans article on activist Munroe Burgdorf, quoting tweets from nearly 10 years ago – who hasn’t changed in that many years.  In what I would consider political character assassination of the opposite side, probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen – a new level I wasn’t even expecting from a hate online platform.

In the heat of the Weinstein scandal, the thoughts and nature of how we view people in the media have begun to change. Maybe we can live in hope that media outlets can begin to look at producing articles that are less hateful and more inspiring, maybe its the cynic in me and who knows there maybe already some out there.

Since new technologies are evolving and coming into the market, I hope and pray that the next generation of Journalists will create a new platform that will be about truth, honesty, and inclusion. For any budding entrepreneurs, there’s an idea you can cook up in your think tanks, I’m sure there’s money to be maid there. Anyway, I digress, back to my original question, has real journalism died? I think in many ways, I believe the integrity of some jouralists has died, but I do not feel that the profession of journalism has died. Like many other industries, this can go through its own reinvention, we should all back the stop funding hate campaign. It’s time that we as humanity said enough is enough, yes, people will complain we’re stopping free speech. However, free speech should not mean you have the right marginalize, demoralize and assassinate people because it’s your given right.

My final words, to the new marketeers of the world. Please keep spread love, inclusivity and positivity – it’s more important than ever.

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