Has Social Media killed London Fashion Week?

This season for London’s Fashion Week, the BFC has changed the game yet again. Playing the Instagram game, they have changed how they accredit the people who attend Fashion Week. They’ve even created an ‘Influencer’ section on their website, which states their guidelines of who they provide accreditation to for designers and PR to contact them directly to attend the shows.

It seems as though this season is focused on numbers rather than quality, which many had predicted for a few years before the decision was finally made. So those who have over 30k followers on Instagram can be accredited, you don’t even have to be a writer just have the numbers to circulate the news feed for social media platforms. However, replacing numbers for quality is never good for anyone trying to get established within this industry, one selfie sat on the Front Row does not constitute as the promotion of a designer nor should it be considered so just because they have thousands of followers.

The buzz of London Fashion Week seems meek at best, with all the serious writers or bloggers backing out because they were placed in the back or replaced for an influencer, there is this feeling of betrayal and disloyalty running wild within this community. Celebrity Blogger and Stylist Leroy Dawkins has been telling publications and his fellow community members he does not feel appreciated because he does not have the followers on Instagram or Twitter, therefore the invites for shows have started to dwindle. Even though the Blogger & Stylist’s blog platform garners at least 1 million views per month, publicity worth buying.

Many other bloggers have started talking about Instagram and its algorithm, switching it to most people with followers or interaction making it harder for those to gain following. With the recent call out of ‘Bot’ following Instagrammers or ‘influencers’, it seems as though the industry has yet to learn from its mistakes.

Lots of those who have been affected by the decision to change Social Media and how it’s presented to its audience has cause backlash, even many to start petitions to have returned to its old format.  It’s made me think maybe, we as creators should create our own platform, something that can become widespread and about sharing supporting and collaborating.

I think Social Media has been a great avenue for London Fashion Week, however, its now turned the other way where designers and PRs have become desperate to have ‘influencers’ on the front row and try and gain exposure, no one has yet to see the pay off nor can they dictate any sales from this marketing ploy, somethings should not be altered.

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