Instafakers: the real solution

Many people have come out and shared their frustrations with those who have bought followers and engagement for there Instagram accounts, causing brands to work with those whom they think are genuine influencers.

Big social media company the Social Group (Social Chain), posted a video talking about it is the biggest marketing scam that’s currently operating. Within the video, they state that the world of fake influencers has costs marketers millions of pounds in advertising losses. Stating some Instagram influencers had not only bought tens of thousands of followers but also bought their engagement on the platform to make it look as though they were influential on the platform.

Many had been talking about the issue of sudden rising stars within social media that looked like they were faking it, using what we now know as ‘bots’ to generate followers and like on their profile to make their engagement look much greater than it was. Many businesses have tried to oust people before, including the platform creators by flushing bot or spam followers from their systems. But when GDPR came into effect across the UK, it stopped many businesses being able to access the 3rd party information and then became a mission of hunting the information thoroughly.

The Social Chain now seems to have the answer for businesses, inventing a new algorithm that compares genuine engagement against what the programme believes to be fake or bought engagement. The tool to help business ensure they spend their campaign ad budgets with the correct influencers, Social Chain invented which points out the people who have used bot farms to gain their followers. Of course, the company has not revealed how the system works, only that it’s based on engagement. Other than that, they have remained quiet on the front of what the programme really looks at and how it compares the data – not to mention how they get access to it.

Some micro influencers have already raised their concerns over this new technology, which as far as they’re concerned may not take in other factors when it comes to engagement. Since Instagram’s algorithm has been updated micro influencers saw their engagement and presence on the social platform dramatically drop, since now it dictates what imagery you see on your own Instagram timeline. So, what happens to those people, how are they factored into the equation, and will they be blacklisted for no apparent reason other than they don’t create content that fits Instagram’s algorithm.

My solution to sorting this whole issue out, which would kill two birds with one stone. So, listen up Instagram! Anyone who registers for a social profile should have to verify that they are in fact a real person, and I don’t mean those ‘ clicks to find a car’ verification methods either. Social Platforms such aim to start looking at verifying like the government does when you register to vote, you should show your Passport or Driving License. Now some people may say it’s an invasion of privacy, but not if it’s secured on a server, like all your other GDPR regulated companies. Not only would this mean that buying followers and engagement would be stopped, but it would also identify anyone who is seen as breaking the rules set out to protect people online. I know some people will say that certain profile might then be automatically ceased or investigated because of racial or religious bias currently happen, and I’m not denying it could be a possibility. However, I believe we should all be protected online, and like they always say if you haven’t got anything to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. Plus a statement I always stand behind, don’t say anything online, that you wouldn’t say to someones face.

We, the government and private social media companies should look for complete transparency. Let’s all strive for a happier and more secure online community, without having to worry about people creating fake accounts.

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