Interview with Sabrina Chakici

You’re a Travel & Lifestyle blogger, can you tell me more about what made you start blogging?

I was working for a shopping TV Channel at the time and was presenting the early morning shifts which meant I had a lot of free time during the day. While I was working on the channel our viewers would often text into the show to ask where my outfit was from but because of ASA laws I was never
allowed to say. So I decided to start posting my outfits online and directing people to there instead 😉

I used to set up my tripod in my garden and take the snaps using the timer on my camera. I really enjoyed being able to document what I wore and so I have continued on ever since 😉

The travel side of things progressed organically as well, I would take pictures on holiday and post them, naturally talking about the resorts and what I got up to. As time has passed I now see my site as more of a travel-focused site, which is great because that is my main passion in life, to see the world!

I’m gutted that the countries I travelled to before I started the blog haven’t made it online, I often think of creating a throwback post or two as there’s so many wonderful places I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to!

You started off your career as a Travel & Lifestyle blogger, how did you get into Presenting?

It’s actually the opposite way round 😉 The blog is a hobby for me, I am currently not making any money from the site. I do love to collaborate with brands but I have, so far, only worked on one sponsored post so I still see the site as a hobby. I’m probably missing a trick her but I prefer to focus
the majority of my energy on my career.

I have worked as a professional presenter for 4 years now. I presented for a few casino and shopping channels on sky, super un-glamours but an amazing way to learn about the industry. I have presented 4hr live shoes with 3 people in my ear at all times whilst trying to put on a necklace – If you can handle that, you can handle anything 😉

I also work as a Voice Over Artist for Bauer Media – I am currently the voice of Boots on Kiss FM for an example 🙂

I studied Drama and Journalism at University so it was always my life goal to be a TV presenter.


How did the E!’s search for UK & IE host come about for you?

I have been a big fan of E! for years, to a point where my friends would actually get tired of coming over to my house and watching yet another episode of KUWTK! I would stay up late for all the Red Carpet action and never miss an episode of E! News. A genuine uber fan! So when I saw the
competition advertised on TV I knew I had to go for it!

I applied with a short video that I took on my iPhone in my bedroom and didn’t think for a moment that I would make it through to the first round! When I got the call I cried! I had actually just booked a holiday to Italy for a week so I had to miss out on it to audition and pay for another trip
but it was obviously more than worth it!

The rest of the process was all a blur! The other contestants were so lovely and it was so fun to be in the E! Studio and interact with the team there. When the final challenge was fashion week I was sure that Stefanie Jones would win as she presents for Fashion One so she was no stranger to the challenge. For me it was the first time I had ever interviewed a stranger, it was so daunting but great fun!

The best bit of the entire process was the fact that it was documented on E! I always said to myself ‘If I don’t win I have still achieved my lifetime dream to be on E!!’

And then I won! I still to this day feel sorry for my team who had to listen to my uncontrollable sobbing on that winners call 😉

Since you won the E! contest, you’ve got to travel for E!, what was that like?

That has to be my favourite part of the job so far, going to the E! Studios and headquarters in LA. If you could have bought a ticket to tour the building I would have already been there and done it!

Meeting the other E! talent was amazing because I am such a fan, I still don’t feel like one of them! It’s so surreal.

You’ve now been thrown into the public eye, can you describe what your journey has been like?

Nothing has changed really, I had to give up my breakfast show on VIBE107.6FM because of my availability but I have continued with my blog and daily smothering of my dog coco 😉

It’s been amazing to see my face pop up on E! almost every day since I won the competition and it was bonkers to be papped on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes! Other than that I’m still sat at home writing these answers in my PJs 😉


If you could describe your personal style, what would it be?

I like to dress for my shape and always keep things simple. I think my look is girly with an edge, I love wearing pretty dresses with biker jackets for example. My favourite wardrobe piece is a great pair of OTK boots, they switch up any outfit!

I do follow trends but I won’t wear something purely because it’s ‘in fashion’, it has to suit me or there’s no point in my opinion!

What would your advice be to young aspiring presenters?

It is unfortunately, a really tough industry nowadays with so many people wanting to be a presenter; reality stars, you tubers, bloggers, ex-musicians – everyone wants to do it!

If you simply want to be famous then apply for a reality show, if, however, you want to be a professional presenter then learn and appreciate your trade first, study it either as a scholar or through experience. Whether you take a degree course or intern as a set runner anything that propels you into the world of broadcast. Perfecting your skill is so much more rewarding in the long run and it will make all the hard work pay off in the end!

Stay positive through rejections, always ask people for feedback and be nice to everyone you meet along the way, this is a people business after all, it pays so much to be friendly!


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