Interview with Scott McGlynn

Congrats on your newest nomination for Positive Role Model, how do you feel about this?

Thank you so much! I was so chuffed having this, It’s a awesome feeling that I’m making some difference to the world, It’s a complete honour to be even nominated.

If you like to vote for me please do here:

You recently started a Podcast, can you tell me more about it?

Last November / December, I was thinking about what to do for 2017, I was thinking on doing some YouTube, But I enjoy interviewing and interacting with people, I decided to do a Podcast called “The Scott McGlynn Show” which i get guest on from the public asking for advice in LGBT community from dating, coming out, going on the gay scene for the first time, bullying and so on.

I always have a special guest  with me on the show talking about their coming out stories, LGBT community, and careers. From Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls), Leon Lopez (LGBT Film creator and Actor from brookside / Hollyoaks), I just interview a amazing guy music artist Bielfield, He sang with Courtney Act huge Australia music artist.

What made you start a Podcast, and what have you got planned for this year?

So far my March / April are booked with events, I’m attending a charity event for diversity children in schools, A LGBT panel, Even nightclubs judging drag shows! It’s awesome kick start of the year! I’m working with some huge inspirational people around the world daily which is just an honor to do!

I still do some book events and talks around the UK. I love meeting new people talking with them, And being a role model of some sort to them, anyway possible.

You’ve had great responses from your book ‘OUT’, have you thought about writing another book?

I’m planning on writing my 2nd book on gay relationships, a True story my own experiences again, But that not be till 2018. I’m putting all my work into the Podcast show, Getting some awesome guests and as much diversity as possible on there 🙂

You’ve interviewed a few celebrities, is there someone you’re dying to interview??

Ha! I get this question a lot, I am working on getting Ian McKellan as he’s my idol! Also Michelle Visage, Nicole Richie, Alan Cumming. It’s so many! haha!!

You seem to be diverse in what you do, have you got any more passion projects?

Just touring! Going places and meeting people, interacting with them. It’s just the best feeling, being an LGBT Role Model for them is a passion and all I can ask for, Nothing beats that feeling putting a smile on someone’s face and making the laugh! 😀


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