Is being Verified really worth it?

For years since Twitter invented the illusive blue tick on its then social media site, it quickly became the thing to have to be recognized as a celebrity or expert in what you do. People still try and find ways to achieve the blue tick on their profile, giving them this feeling of being a part of the VIP club of blue ticks. However, Twitter changed its rules on which it verifies and stopped taking requests when it became overly popular and the demand for the tick became in excessive; it seems that they have big deals with large TV channels that pay thousands in advertising. As soon as you’ve gotten so far in a reality show or been a TV programme several times, the blue tick automatically appears on your profile. But what does it mean to be verified? You can’t be a “celebrity” forever, especially in this climate of how quickly they churn them out every year. There are plentiful of what I would reclaim as influencers online with 1m plus following but only get small interaction, mainly because of there no longer on TV or haven’t been in the public eye or interest for a while. Maybe Twitter should rethink about how long you’re verified for and only stay there if you are of interest to the public, but that’s me and being strict.

The whole idea and concept of being verified were to alert people to high profile people in their professions and that still happens, but when there is over 238k people on the site that are verified, surely this makes it less special than it was designed to be. If it were up to me I would completely switch it up, I’d make everyone verified on Twitter, proving that it is their authentic self. This way I do believe we could find out who trolls are and robot followers or creation, it would allow us to see real authenticity within the social media community. If Twitter and other social media platforms want to keep exclusivity within the community, invent something new or separation in a new way.

“Make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified:  “his conclusions have been verified by later experiments”, [More]”‘Can you verify that the guns are licensed?’” – Oxford Dictionary

I feel like the blue tick is starting to lose its impact, there are many people with thousands of followers who aren’t verified who get way more attention than those who are. However, the illustrious blue tick is still very much a holy grail in the social media community. Until something changes or some new platform comes along, people will always want to feel special. So does being verified mean anything? I think for me personal it’s lost its appeal, maybe because I’m focused on other things but for now it still does carry a little weight dependant on your relevancy.

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