is there real representation in Beauty?

First of all, let’s define what beauty means…

“A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight: ‘I was struck by her beauty’, ‘an area of outstanding natural beauty’ ” – Oxford Dictionary Definition. 

“Beauty isn’t just defined by what we see, it’s all encompassing, true beauty isn’t defined by a number, it’s defined by the attitude towards life and others” – Fossy Meade.

The beauty industry is worth £17bn and is growing exponentially, more products and new concepts on how to stay beautiful (in other words, young). However, the real question is, how well represented is the beauty industry market?

It feels like the younger demographic are fulfilling the needs of many beauty products, creating an unobtainable image. Many models signed multi-million-pound deals to sell mascaras, lipsticks and fragrances. In that arena, the audience seems to be getting younger and younger, which would explain the reason why models are now scouted at the young age of 14.


However, when it comes to the older generation in the beauty market, it feels as though their voices are unheard.  Women over 45 now account for 58.14 percent of their beauty market. The woman who have more buying power than the younger generation, it feels as though, women in their 40s aren’t really represented in the media that well, unless it’s a celeb in their 40’s. Even that feels disingenuous, it feels like they’re selecting them because it will sell the products, not because they feel they represent the brand well.
I will say, Boots, is the best for it, they’re campaigns have been so relatable, many women shop in store or online – I feel that how it’s been able to progress in todays over consumption of productions.

Just when you think there might not be a light at the end of the tunnel, there seems to be a modelling agency who started up just solely because of this reason. I think it’s brilliant, the modelling agency known as Classic Models started with two working older models in their 40’s. They believe they’re building a campaign and brand for the future, giving older women and models a voice within the industry. There seems to another agency also called  Grey Models, and this agency also seems to deal with an older clientele who still have saleability. Go check them out, see what they’re up to – I think its time we started being rebels again, like fashion used to be.

Another sector the beauty market is towards men, now where do I even begin with this. Even though men have a lot easier it seems in the beaut market, it also seems to be very little or even with the label ‘FOR MEN’. This idea that men must only own beauty products that are in solid colour such as: steal grey, dark blue, black or white. Again the market is making strides, mainly because so is fashion, man are becoming more interested in how they look and how to maintain their look. There has been one major step forward, as recently a man became the face of a women’s makeup brand – talk about breaking boundaries.

But I digress, back to my original question, is there real representation in the beauty market? I don’t believe we’re there yet, but we’re making strides towards a more universal look of what is beautiful and I couldn’t ask for anymore.

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