Is it time for the platform of Fashion Week to change?

Even though there are many fashion brands that are solely online, and with the rise of digital influencers the pace in which we consume fashion has completely changed. As the landscape of fashion week continues to develop, I began to ask the question, is the current platform of fashion become dated for today’s buyers? If you look at how Fashion Week traditionally ran, it was a small group of buyers and press, they would be invited to the designer’s showroom. It would appear in their fashion magazines and then months later the public would buy the products, and this cycle of 6 months between collections started for most designers. Since the rise in online technology and influence of Social Media, its began to reshape the landscape of Fashion Week and how buyers and on-lookers consume what is presented.

The great thing about showcasing at London Fashion Week is that it’s one of the most talked about things on Social Media, labeled as one of the big four. The others being New York, Paris, and Milan.  You have the chance to be part of a conversation that is unfolding through every form of shared digital media, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Dependant on where you pick to have your collection and which PR is representing you, it can get you in some big circulated publications such as; Vogue, GQ, Elle, Glamour, WWD and plenty more.

The technology sector is vastly advancing, digital technology is said to be worth £161billion, soon to treble by 2020. Businesses are investing more into being tech savvy, but being so cutting edge is it leaving the fashion industry behind? We might have a few new leaders in streaming content online and through Apps on our phones, but what about the demand for fast reliable fashion?  H&M seems to be the staple for Fashion Fashion with reliable and ethical sourcing, of course, taking their inspiration from the catwalk and bringing it to the high street.

In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, Tamara Mellon, talked about how she’s had to make changes within her business. The business mogul talked about how she had to change her timescales to meet the demands of her customer, shortening it from 6 months to 3 months.  However will fashion ever be able to beat out the turn around and timescales such as Amazon, which is now offering same day delivery of the item you ordered, this instant gratification is now being put on our doorsteps. What does this mean for any luxury designer? Even if you do a Ready to Wear line, you still have to compete with customers being able to find something similar at a fraction of the cost.

It feels as though fashion is being stubborn and not in a rebellious way, it feels like it’s determined not to change with the times. I fear that it will be the independent designers who will be impacted the most, those who currently rely on building a brand and selling their items to keep their business going. I feel that it’s time for some to start rethinking, what does this evolving market really mean to the consumer and to you.

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