Jamie Wei Huang – Nymphomaniac A/W15

Jamie was one of the first shows I attended at LFW inside the gorgeous Freemasons Building, organised by POP PR. The atmosphere inside Fashion Scout, as it is also known, was buzzing around the exhibition, whilst we all waited to go in. Of course no show would be the same if it ran on time, every fashionista is used to a show running at 5-10mins behind schedule – if not then they’re in for a big shock.

We all started to head on in to take our places before the show began, the group of photographers at the head, in the ‘pit’ as we call it. The room lights dim and the projector highlights Jame’s name onto the back of the catwalk. Blindingly the catwalk spotlights come back on – you can understand why fashion fillies wear sunglasses. The show started off with a bang, Rammstein playing in the background, adding more to the atmosphere of the collection.

Lots of mixing of textures was happening within this collection, which is what we love about this particular designer – she’s not afraid to go outside the box with her designs. The hair was wet down one side of the face, very grunge indeed with very light makeup – it was an interesting mix we felt. The first design to come out set the tone; shoulder straps with silver detailing finished off with leather fringing tassels, leather tank with wool, further and pinstriped panelling at the bottom.

The whole collection was a thing of beauty; you could clearly tell the designer really used her inspiration from ‘Nymphomaniac’. In this idea that the girls have bi-polar disorder, so they’re clashing in designs and texture – pure brilliance. Not only that but the idea that they’re experimenting with their own sexuality, making their looks more androgynous, which says the designer is also thinking about the future of fashion and how we’re all becoming androgynous in the way we dress – telling the world that clothes are becoming gender neutral.


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