Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton

The collections that every publication spoke about, renowned artist Jeff Koons collaborated with famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton for a new collection. It has been met with mixed reviews from critics and Louis Vuitton addicts, receiving praise and complete dismissal from art critics.

Looking over the collection that people are still talking about, I think for myself personally that the collaboration is a pure mess. I’ve seen Jeff Koons original artworks and they are a spectacle to behold, he’s even worked with mega pop star Lady GaGa, so when seeing this I was completely gobsmacked.  It feels like a school project or even a project attempted by a budding university student, not something I would put with a world renowned artist.


The collection uses other famous artist work throughout the entire collection, looking like you would buy it from Camden Market for £20.00, no shade to Camden Market. It’s not exactly the luxury product I would want to buy or even carry the product, especially since most people would think it’s a fake. Talking about being a copy, what’s to stop other people producing something that looks similar but for such a lesser cost (not that it doesn’t look cheap enough).

The best thing about the collection is the accessories, in particular, the scarfs. These still have the same art collection shown upon on them, however, less obvious and look more luxurious. I guess not really seeing what’s on the scarfs defeats the intention of this collection but I don’t care,  I think it’s the best thing about it all – if you go look you’ll agree too.

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The concept of art within art within fashion it seems even complex and idiotic for Koon and Louis Vuitton. It just seems like an utter sell out to be somewhat part of the art world, without the effort not without pushing any boundaries of Art & Fashion. All I can see is try again, and when you do, please do it better.

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