Joshua Kane AW17 Journey Collection

Joshua Kane the designer dubbed as the next Alexander McQueen showcased his latest collection entitled ‘Journey’, not in the usual way of a catwalk showcase but inside a theatre. Not just any theatre London Palladium theatre, the venue itself can host over 2000 people, so the scale of how many people could attend the show was incredible.

The collection entitled ‘Journey’ is quite apt for this particular season, not only does the designer take us on a metaphoric journey, he’s also had a great journey within his fashion career.

We’re taken through a journey of looks and styles, showcasing off the designer’s flair for unique prints, cuts, and shapes. The collection takes on some daring colours, as well as keeping its signature elegant design, it’s a mammoth collection that tailors to almost everyone’s sense of style and taste levels, really well thought out.

The location and set design were completely out of this world, seeing a designer showcasing inside a theatre really is putting on a whole new kind of performance. Although I’m wondering if a theatre that was in the round would have been a better setting, instead of a proscenium fronting theatre. Maybe that’s just me and my own personal taste, making the collection a bit more presentation esque but keeping the grandeur of it being inside a theatre.

The collection was overall bold, daring and exciting. I utterly adore the horse motif throughout the collection, it was just another beautiful added subtle detail, that really showed off the designer’s skill set. I say if you’re looking for something unique on the red carpet, then Joshua Kane should be on everyone’s lips.


Photography: Chris Yates.

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