Krashing Down, Kylie Cosmetics

If you’ve been living under a rock or not keeping up with popular culture, Kylie Jenner is part of one the most famous families on Reality TV. After announcing she was releasing her own Cosmetics brand line with her name on the front of it, it immediately became Sold Out, making around $1.5million every time each line is completely sold out.

Watching the very long Advertorial which was released by the Reality Star, it was met with outrage and admiration, for me personally I think it’s bad advertising for a makeup brand – which is supposed to be luxury. Their advertising is “glamorous” violence and doesn’t really show us anything luxurious at all, what kind of lifestyle is this selling to its customers. Kylie and her friends rob a place and throw the money out of the car, I mean, what is this teaching young girls?


Not only does this commercial give a false impression to girls, which ends up with them all in a “glamorous” prison. Many customers have complained about this over-priced product, that apparently isn’t just because it’s got a Celebrity name on it, its marketed as a luxury product.

Each lip kip is around $30 this includes  a lip gloss and a lip liner, which isn’t much for $30 plus shipping fees which would add up to around $100. Their terms and conditions are quite shameful, in which is it the shortest page on the website stating “We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final.” In other words, if there’s something wrong with products or they send it to the wrong address, you will be out of pocket, surely from a big company we can expect more – especially if it’s aiming at the luxury market.


It’s social media platforms such a Twitter and Instagram only post positive reviews and have no interaction with any customers about bad experiences, they don’t respond to their e-mails and people are waiting more than 2 weeks to receive their products. In their shady dealings that basically won’t refund its customers of their expensive products, eventually the company will have to close-up.

Not because due to lack of popularity but the public will stop shopping there and no doubt it will be reported and finally shut down, after it pays out its compensation to its customers that didn’t receive its products or faulty ones.

My advice, don;t buy from this company unless you’re willing to part with your cash, and roll the dice to whether you’re going to receive it or not – whatever the condition.

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