Live Fashion, has it gone too far?

Fashion has always been known for grabbing headlines, whether it’s overly thin models or designers saying something shocking. With the introduction of live fashion, fashion has started to take to the streets to draw people’s attention to their latest collection. Photographer Dan Harley started doing his own live fashion events, taking on London in a new and interesting way. The shows have grabbed headlines and caused people to join the crusade of making a difference in fashion, not making it all about the runway. We’ve seen designers take political stances on the runway before, such as; Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood just to name a few. Live Fashion was supposed to bring fashion to the masses, rather than the few who would be invited to industry shows, however now its just turned into something I don’t agree with at all.

They have taken to entering private property and displaying themselves in the windows, taking over  Apple stores and standing on their worktops. I’m all for rebellion and fashion has always led the way for those who wish to go against what society expects, but it seems now it’s just turned into an attention seeking gimmick. What I’m quite surprised at is the ‘models’ that get involved with it,  yes it might raise your profile for 15 seconds but what about the rest of your career. Taking part in an event that is just causing chaos for the sake of a few headlines, in my opinion, makes you look desperate and fame hungry – which is not cute.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I guess this is why I enjoy style over any trend. Fashion for me has always been about setting a tone, creating a story and celebrating freedom.

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