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It’s a new year for men’s fashion week, and I can’t say I’ve been overly impressed with what I’ve seen walk down the runways for the beginning of the new fashion year. I do believe that the further integration of menswear and womenswear is the right direction to go in, however, I personally don’t feel it will ever be one big event. This is not because society isn’t ready for it, I believe it’s personal greed from big PR’s to make as much money as possible, but we shall see what the market dictates.

Menswear has come a long way in terms of trends, gender fluidity, and overall design aesthetic. We no longer demand men to wear particular items in order to look fashionable or as some others would word it, dapper, we now allow men to express themselves in whatever they deem fit. I pose the question, in the search to push boundaries and explore what is fashion not just in the way we wear clothes but bringing art into it, have designers gone too far? I’m all for self-expression and being artistic, I think that’s important, but it’s also important to think about the bigger picture, such as; who will wear my clothes?

This season it seems most designers have travelled back to the 60/70’s, using this psychedelic expression to be more outlandish in their creations. Going back to oversized clothing, loose fitting and baggy material, now I’m all for loose fitting clothing, especially when it comes to cardigans and coats. I’ve also wanted to try a loose fitted trouser, feel the material to float behind you, but then again I feel that’s just who I am, I enjoy things that are not typically gender traditional.  Other designers have taken a more political stance on fashion, commenting on what fashion will look like under Brexit, as much as it’s important to have your say, designing something like that is not sellable.

I feel this year, trying to consume and understand the collections have just been too difficult. Normally, you can see where the inspiration is from and what the message is, this year it seems a mishmash of ideas, concepts and textiles all into one collection. I fear those who don’t understand fashion influences will start tuning out, which as a designer or a marketer should be their fear also. I see through Instagram and Twitter that ‘influencers’ and other big names are posting about designers and saying what feels like they read on the press sheet, not real opinions, it’s time that we are open and honest about what we see and not just praise because we want an invite next year.

I’ve picked out my worst and my best…


 Models present creations at the Topman catwalk show during London Fashion Week Men's 2017 in London


Personally Inspiring 


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