Loosing You – Eve Yasmine

Finally! The video for independant artist and good friend of mine Eve Yasmine is out! If you’ve not heard the song yet, its a beautiful sirens song. Eve dedicated it to her late grandpa, which is just the cutest thing ever! The song talks about knowing you’re going to loose someone, however you keep the thought the ending might be slightly different.

Eve is one of my favourite artists, especially more of her personal songs and I’m glad she’s feeling brave enough to share this with the world. The video for the song is very ethereal, reminds me of an early Sinead O Conner, the songestress takes us through an emotional tribute to a family member. It’s truley a beautiful video to watch, it’s the quality you would expect from an A-List singer, so kudos to her and the team she worked with on this song.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Eve pulls out the bag next, she’s always impressing me with the depths she shares with people. And trust me guys, she’s the most humble and lovely artist you’ll meet, and you’ll fall for her and the charm she brings everywhere with her.

Take a look here:

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