Moving away from Fashion.

I wasn’t overly sure if I was going to write about this but something in me just wanted to get it out, I’d been contemplating for a while to move away from fashion completely. Now, this isn’t something I would consider lightly, as I adore fashion and what it has brought out in me as a person. I was never sure if I was ever going to share my story, but I finally felt it was time to get it all out and finally come to my own happiness.

My journey started back in 2013 when I was in my second year at University and decided to head into the blogging arena, after about a year I launched Meade Magazine. Working with several others to ride into the fashion stratosphere, it all seemed to be going well. Several times we were met with no budget or out right declaration of no payment what so ever, many feel products are enough payment – even though products don’t pay bills.

Working towards making strides for Advertising to pay off, quite literally, we also aimed to see if we could get any brands to sponsor some posts – not all. Little did I know at the time there was an individual trying to steal it all away from me, I didn’t know until I saw it all on YouTube. You can too, if you so wish, here.  You can call me bitter, jealous or whatever. I’m past the point of looking for other peoples validation.

Even after warning others to stay away and protect their business, they still choose to ignore me purely for popularity boosts. I have no sympathy for those who decide to not listen to me and it blows up in their face because there should be fellow support and celebration of others. I had to take three months away after spending half the year repairing damage to my own work, it was causing me too much pain and heartache.

After I took my 3-month break away to figure out what I wanted, so I continued to write but not as aggressively as I had previously. I was still met with a barrage of brands wanting me to post about them but not pay me, surprise surprise. However, there’s always money for big Celebrity party with cars and champagne,  and all the brands get a tiny mention in some crappy hate-filled ragazine. I began to think about completely walking away from fashion and enter another arena, but where would I go and what would I talk about – it slowly ravaged my mind.

Not so long after I was reached out by Rion Magazine’s editor to join their team, I wondered whether I would accept but I decided to take the leap and continue with fashion, after all, it was my first love of writing, I couldn’t just leave it behind now. I guess there’s still no real conclusion to my story, but I continue to hope I work in fashion and get to continue to enjoy its splendor.

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