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Finding what we want to do is a struggling when growing up, we’re given these options to start finding what it is we want to specialise within.

Growing up I went through a few job aspirations, not really sure where I fitted in and wondered where my talents really lied. I went through 4 lots of education to find where I belonged, bouncing from job to job.

I was never academically inclined, I couldn’t just regurgitate information set by the standards of the government. I was more based on a subject where the results were based on what work you produced, more in line with a corporation viewpoint. I was happy with producing work and learning from that.

When going to University to study, I was so sure I would nail my subject since it is based heavily on work produced. Even that had its struggles, with last minute changes in the programming.


When I first started working in the corporate world after leaving University, started my journey in the world of finance.  Albeit, at a customer service level, but my foot was at the corporate door.

I did try to start my own company, with its own vision. Sadly, due to my own self-saboteur, I decided to down tools and find a more perminate position. Which let me into the world of Marketing & Media, by this point it has been 10 years since I turned 18. It has been 13 years since I left school.

I mean, really think about it. 13 years to find where I belonged, maybe it was because there were fewer options when I was younger. I hope that the youth of today feel the power of choice, finding their place and who they are a lot quicker than I did.

Finally, after all this time, I have found where I belong. I finally see a vision of where I want to go within my career and where I fit into the corporate workplace.

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