Naming and Shaming in the Industry

The question everyone asks, is it okay to name and shame? I think it’s very British to keep it professional and just walk away from a situation, however, in such cut-throat industries it’s not working anymore.

Why shame? Everyone has the notion that in shaming someone who hasn’t paid you or attempted to steal your clients or ideas, is that shaming them would destroy your reputation. I couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous, whilst these culprits continue to get away with their behaviour, you’re still out of pocket and they will do it over and over again.

“The Activity of saying publicly that a  person, company, etc. had behaved in a bad or illegal way” – Cambridge Dictionary

What about naming the person involved?  Now naming a person has always terrified people, the idea that you seem bitter or vengeful. But surely warning people of the culprit is a much better practice, goodness knows people in America aren’t afraid to say how it is. Some people would rather not name a person, as it seems too unprofessional, everyone has the concept that they will eventually be found out. If they’re clever enough to do it once, they will do it over and over until they are finally caught (which might be never).

How do I not look bitter? For all those worried people who think naming and shaming will make them look horribly bitter about the situation, for me, it’s all about the facts. If you stick purely to the facts then it seems you’re being professional and warning someone of making a big business mistake. I think it’s important that other people in our industry protect and support each other, too much of this me before thee attitude and it’s always our downfall.

I think we all need to be strong within our convictions and not be afraid to stand for what we believe is right, we should be able to name and shame without repercussions. After all who are they to try and take, steal or bad mouth us when we’ve worked so hard to get where we are today.

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