Ong Oaj Pairam AW17 Collection

Ong Oaj Pairam has become one of my favourite designers, I remember when I saw his first collection back when he did AW14, which was a fabulous collection. Since then the designer has gone on to create bigger and better collections each passing season and this year is no different, sadly he didn’t show at London’s Fashion Week this season but was at the Paris Fashion Week showroom showing off the latest collection.

I have to say looking through the lookbook for this season, this collection is up there with the big brand names and it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw some of these dresses walk down the red carpet. The colours, textures and detailing within this collection are second to none, Ong has created a piece for every kind of women.

Throughout the collection, Ong plays with: silk, embroidery, wool, satin, tweed, fur, and organza. Everything from the refined women to the playful women, we explore how the designer see his women this season. I have a few favourites throughout this collection, my first would be the off-white silk marocain with embellished bodice, second on my list midi-length gown in midnight blue with hare and moon embroidery, final but certainly not last, the soiree ball gown in midnight blue with ombre gold to silver embroidery.

Take a look through the collection, I’m sure you’ll find your favourite.


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