What is it to be Gay?

So what is it to be gay? Homosexuality has believed to have been around for centuries in many animal species, so why not the human race? We all know that the history of gay men and women has been one of struggle and fight for equal rights. The gay community is one of acceptance and […]

Dear Fashion Industry, What happened?

Dear Fashion Industry, My question to you is what the hell happened? My timeline on any social media platform has become Celebrity filled updates, where they, what they’re wearing and which events they’re at. You’ve got Reality stars and established artists on the cover of your magazines, but what happened to your back bone? Fashion has […]

Krashing Down, Kylie Cosmetics

If you’ve been living under a rock or not keeping up with popular culture, Kylie Jenner is part of one the most famous families on Reality TV. After announcing she was releasing her own Cosmetics brand line with her name on the front of it, it immediately became Sold Out, making around $1.5million every time […]

Pam Hogg AW16 Collection

This season I was interested to see what Pam Hogg would bring to the catwalk, especially since I knew she’d designed the Brit Awards this year. For anyone not in the know, Pam Hogg is a strong advocate of great social injustices and brings them into her collections.  In this collection is seems she’s turned over […]

Aspinal of London at Claridges

Aspinal of London held a Presentation at the prestigious Claridges Hotel in London, showing off their latest collection for the new season. Which included their new hero, the Editors bag and the Pegasus collection in collaboration with Emma J Shipley Inside the luxurious Claridge’s Ballroom, setting the scene inside with a gorgeous Boudoir setting, serving Tea, […]

Sebastian AW15 Collection

30 Years ago something changed for a young boy growing up in the forests of Pantanal Brazil. A young Sebastian had spent most of his early childhood fascinated by the art and creation of dress making at his aunt’s dress design studio. Unlike other boys, he spent every spare moment learning the craft of professional […]

Interview with Sabrina Chakici

You’re a Travel & Lifestyle blogger, can you tell me more about what made you start blogging? I was working for a shopping TV Channel at the time and was presenting the early morning shifts which meant I had a lot of free time during the day. While I was working on the channel our viewers would often […]

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