Religious Utopia

As we progress into new a new era, the concept of religion seems to be a hot topic, for those who are the traditionalists and those who are revolutionists. We all want a world where religion is just a faith-based system, that you can opt in or out of whenever you choose – however, some do not have this opportunity.

Religion has always been the hot topic of any conversations, whether in politics or in sensationalist media headlines. Of course, we now have many newspapers and online news sources using scaremongering and phobias to judge what will be printed or posted online, but I digress.

Many educated professionals who jobs are to read the bible and understand it’s meanings, they have all come to the same conclusion against all different kind of religious bibles. They all preach, love, acceptance, and tolerance – of course including its own rules which seem to follow suit of a country that also follows similar rules.

If we throughout human history, we have an illustrious past that glamourizes religion in the most detestable way possible. Not do we learn about the degradation of women, sexualization of women but we also learn about the male patriarchy, dominance, and outright violence. This is just a small sample of what religion has to offer within its other teachings, especially what we would call acceptable into today’s society. Religion has caused wars,  and I don’t mean just bad words between each other like we do these days. I mean, full on the mass murder of those who do not follow the same religion in an attempt for one religion to dominate another. All you have to look at is the over the ruling of paganism and it’s traditions, merging them with Christianity so that its an easier conversion to this religious belief system.

Did you know, that ‘The Bible’ is overseen by a group of religious men who decide what stays in the bible and what gets removed – surely that defeats the object of religious scripture to change to what they think should be read and seen.

In what I would call a religious utopia, a place we are yet to find within humanity. It’s a system where many religious platforms still exist and co-exist within each other, living in harmony and peace. A place where a woman is not degraded, suppressed and treated as un-equals in society.

In my own world, I personally would ban religion. It sounds extreme, but think about how religion other the years has been used to control populations, monarchies, they created a sense of dominance that aligns with self-arrogance and preservation. I believe, that we as people would be better off without religion, it would not encourage extremism but I’m sure people would find something to find faith in an use that an excuse for their behavior.

I believe there could be a religious utopia if people of all faiths came together in solidarity, that there was no more division due to media bias. A simple belief system that was about the preservation of society, people and it’s community – not about the marginalization, conversion or brainwashing of others to assume their own ideologies.

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