Sabrina: Season One

When they initially announced that they’d be rebooting the Sabrina series from the Archie Comic Books, there was a spark of shock and then talk about how the series would be reimagined.

The beloved 90’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch which aired from 1996 until 2003 with the title character played by Melissa Joan Heart, and of course some amazing co-stars through the series. Many of the audiences favourite regular had to have been Salem Saberhagen a former warlock transformed into a cat for trying to take over the mortal realm, voiced by Nick Bekay. Salem was a witty and sarcastic character, which had many great one-liners throughout the series.


It was revealed that the CW had planned to pair it with their critically acclaimed TV show Riverdale, and they would intertwine the story for some Riverdale cross-overs. However, it was then changed to a straight-to-order series for Netflix, shooting two seasons back to back.


Many were too concerned that the creators of Riverdale would send it down the wrong way when they released the first trailer of the series it began to trend. Receiving lots of praise for it’s darker and adult-themed feeling, saying that this Sabrina was leaps and bounds away from the 90’s series.

There has been strong demand for Salem to talk in the new series, which really cements the impact the witty and sarcastic cat had on many people. In a recent interview they explained why the new Salem didn’t talk in the series, they played the card of that only Sabrina could understand what Salem was saying to her. Almost like her conscious watching over what she would be doing in her witchy life.

After watching the series myself, I was wondering how it would all pan out. I had seen some teaser trailers of some intense parts of the series, so I was interested in how each episode would lead into each other and how they would end the first season.

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I have to save watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was dramatic and binge-worthy, I’d managed to get through the majority of the season within 2 nights. Talk about an obsessive problem, but I had an impulse to see the next episode and how it would play out.

Whilst Sabrina plays the main protagonist within the storyline, there is such a strong ‘feminist’ movement within the series. Focusing on supporting of women, and the changes within society, a direct reflection of what’s happening right now. Many of the co-stars of the series such as Harvey, showcase a more stereotypical version of high-school and how people are defined within it.

Even though Wicca is a spiritualistic religion, within this storyline it is more satanic than anything else. Which I feel fits the narrative of westernisation of witchcraft, but rather than an outright move against Catholicism it spins it on its head and turns it more towards faith towards a church of the night.

The ending of the series really is a surprise, but if you follow the story you’ll see why it ends that way. I don’t want to give too much away for those who have not seen it yet, but I would suggest making it your next binge-watch series for Netflix.

I’m looking forward to the next Season of the series by Netflix, I expect some really good things from this re-boot of the comic book namesake.

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