Something different for Easter this season.

It’s that time of year when we all look forward to a delicious chocolate egg… or two. But what if you could enjoy the same great taste, but in a more fun and creative format?

Introducing the Chocolate Tool Set and Chocolate Teapot for The Fowndry.

These unique products offer a refreshing new take on classic Easter chocolate. With an option for both him and her, ditch the egg and treat someone special to one of these scrumptious chocolate treats.

For the DIY lover, The Fowndry brings us the utterly delicious and super realistic Chocolate Tools. Choose from the Club Hammer, Wrench or Spanner & Nut, if you can’t decide, don’t worry, you can also experience all 3 in the complete Chocolate Tool Set. These cocoa-based utensils have been designed to look exactly like the real thing, focusing on every detail right down to the dents and chips, to fool even the most experienced handyman.

Even though these tools look realistic, they also taste utterly delicious. Crafted from up to 250 grams of the finest Belgium chocolate, you can enjoy a minimum of 58% cocoa solids, for a dark chocolate treat anyone would love. The only questions are, which will you choose?

If you’re not much of a DIYer, you may prefer The Fowndry’s classic Chocolate Teapot. This delicious Easter alternative offers much more than your typical chocolate egg. Due to its construction, you can create a silky hot chocolate, indulgent fondue or simply eat the lot as it comes!

The Chocolate Teapot has been handmade from 600 grams of the finest, most tempting Belgium chocolate to excite your taste buds. It’s a life-size version, meaning there’s plenty to share … or keep to yourself if you’re a real chocoholic! Add a few teaspoons of boiling water into the teapot, shake until the chocolate starts to liquefy, then enjoy dipping all your favourite treats, from strawberries to marshmallows. The possibilities are endless and are sure to excite any chocolate lover this Easter.

Whether you’re tempted by the super realistic appearance of the Chocolate Tools or the delicious opportunities for the Chocolate Teapot, there’s bound to be someone who will be forever thankful for these gifts this Easter.

The life-size Chocolate Teapot is £24.99, alternatively try the Chocolate Tool Set for £46.99 or the individual tools: Club Hammer £16.99, Wrench £16.99 or Spanner & Nut for £14.99. All available online from The Fowndry.

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