Sophie Anderton: Supermodel to Wellness Guru

Sophie Anderton came to the public’s attention when she was only 19 posing for the Gossard campaign, throwing her into the spotlight. Plucked from her middle-class family to ‘live on a plane, between New York, Paris, and London’, she fell prey to unsavoury boyfriends, including disgraced Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who was a cocaine addict, and agents who advised her to sign up for a string of ever more desperate appearances on bizarre reality television shows.

Now 38, she is working hard on building up a new public profile. Unlikely as it may seem, having spent the past six years transforming her health she now wants to be known as an online ‘wellness’ guru, inspiring other women by sharing her devotion to exercise and good nutrition.

‘I was a model but at some point modelling became only one part of what was required of us, and suddenly to be successful we had to be celebrities. It’s not something that came naturally. I was terrible at being famous’.

Now trying to put that all behind her, she has admitted that she’s shunned the celebrity lifestyle and admits that “that kind of attention is no good for me, and I’m not good at it either”. Turning her focus onto fitness, she has channelled all her passion into fitness and healthy living. Her Instagram picture depict an un-airbrushed version of the model, in which she stated “because I want it to look natural, this is how women look when they’re working out”. She recently did a Tough Mudder article with Men’s Health magazine, ‘Life can get a little dull if I’m not pushing myself to achieve a goal that takes me out of my comfort zone,’ she wrote. ‘I have always loved rock climbing, white-water rafting, abseiling… the list is endless.’

When asked about wearing Sport Luxe and how she felt about it, she stated ‘I love this kind of thing. I’m such a tomboy,’. Her modelling career meant that she had to be skinny,  she says ‘I hated being so thin. Strong is the new skinny, that’s my motto,’. Sophie will launch her own brand of ‘luxury performance intimates’ – designer underwear for sporty women. Her name won’t be mentioned as part of the branding, and she won’t be modelling them. ‘I’ve found a British girl, an unknown fitness model, who is perfect. She’s stunning,’ she revealed.

Once her brand is up and running, she has her sights set on starting a family. For the time being, though, her cocker spaniel Jasper is her ‘substitute child’. Sophie says: ‘My friends think I’ll be a natural mother. But I’m in no rush. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, so I’m sure it’ll happen organically. I’m surrounded by people I love, respect and have an incredibly stable private life. I just feel very, very lucky.’


Disclaimer: some facts and quotes sourced from: Daily Mail.

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