Stella McCartney’s tragic menswear collection.

I’ve been wrestling with myself on whether I would write this piece or not, finally buckled down and decided I would. Now there are some supporters out there of what she does and what she stands for, that I have no gripe against – good for her. However when it comes to designing for a market she has no real idea of is quite insulting, if you’ve not seen the collection, well, quite frankly it’s a joke.

There are some separate pieces which I think are unique and could work as part of an outfit but the way the whole collection has been shot, well, it’s uninspiring and if you don’t believe me, I shall include some shots below!

In the first picture, we see a tall boyish looking model sporting what I could only describe as some attempt at a middle-class version of a tracksuit with bright white trainers, bearing in mind the colours together are quite garish. Least to say the clothes don’t even fit the model wearing the outfit, which is completely missing the mark of luxury. The second image, well, where do I begin? It’s the ugliest styling I have ever seen, or maybe as Anna Wintour would say “Migrant Chic”. I’d like to be less PC, but let’s not get too offensive – the orange Jesus sandals against the green cargo pants is just illuminatingly offensive.

In a modern age where men have become more fashion conscientious, you have to ask yourself “what the hell was she thinking”? I could only hope styling Jesus style sandals with socks was some satirical comment on stereotypical British men on holiday, and not an attempt to make it into a fashion trend – as that would just be a massive fashion faux par.


Although saying that, I do have to say that my favourite pieces are the red jumper and I do love the jewellery pieces. There is flashes of beautiful items throughout the collection but not enough for me, it feels too rushed and I’m not really sure who the target audience is meant to be. As for the inspiration behind the collection, it’s inspired by the men in her life, mainly looking back towards the 60’s and the Beatles era – I get the idea of being retrospective but this is too far. The harsh architecture inspirations are just painful on the eyes what was forward thinking and new then certainly doesn’t reflect the society we live in now. Trying to cater to each generation or even different kind of men is a hard enough nail to hit on the head, it’s much too generic, or as Madonna would put it ‘Reductive’.

I certainly hope that any future collections she works on in the future have better concepts, better photo shoots and lets face it – better overall style.


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