The Pressures of Modern Day Man

Now, my opening title may be controversial but I think necessary. In a modern world where social media is running rapid and the perfect picture is the ultimate goal for everyone, as Instagrammers call it, ‘Aesthetics’. More than ever the modern day man has been put under the microscope, putting emphasis on physique. The role […]

Dear Fashion Industry, What happened?

Dear Fashion Industry, My question to you is what the hell happened? My timeline on any social media platform has become Celebrity filled updates, where they, what they’re wearing and which events they’re at. You’ve got Reality stars and established artists on the cover of your magazines, but what happened to your back bone? Fashion has […]

Sophie Anderton: Supermodel to Wellness Guru

Sophie Anderton came to the public’s attention when she was only 19 posing for the Gossard campaign, throwing her into the spotlight. Plucked from her middle-class family to ‘live on a plane, between New York, Paris, and London’, she fell prey to unsavoury boyfriends, including disgraced Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who was a cocaine addict, and […]

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