The New ANTM Show

We all know the reality tv show America’s Next Top Model, it’s been running since 2003. The show was created by Supermodel Tyra Banks, in which they begin the search for the next Top Model. The series has successfully run for 23 seasons with Tyra as the host of the reality show, showing off her own […]

Krashing Down, Kylie Cosmetics

If you’ve been living under a rock or not keeping up with popular culture, Kylie Jenner is part of one the most famous families on Reality TV. After announcing she was releasing her own Cosmetics brand line with her name on the front of it, it immediately became Sold Out, making around $1.5million every time […]

All New Britain’s Next Top Model

In 2013 the ‘Top Model’ franchise in Britain had been cancelled on Sky, in which it has been titled ‘Britain and Irelands Next Top Model’. Contestants from Britain and Ireland could apply to the show, the judges were supermodel Elle McPherson, Julian McDonnald, Grace Woodward and Tyson Beckford plus a few others thrown into the […]

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