Th1rteen R3asons Why.

Now I normally don’t review series, I guess because I’ve never felt overly passionate about writing my thoughts on some shows. However when it comes to this series, it just had to be done,  it was a powerful and addictive show.

The series which is based on the novel written by Jay Asher, exploring bullying and suicide.  In this novel turned netflix original series, it’s not afraid to be dark, daring and dazzling.  It shows scenes of violence and rape, which is quite graphic for a tv series, however, it’s becoming a Netflix stamp. They seem to have less of a rule of what they can and can’t do since people who buy into it are mainly adults and they leave the filtering choices to the parents.

When I decided to sit down and begin to watch it,  I was quite sure what I was going to get, I mean not all Netflix original have been fantastic but I digress. The first episode started and the opening titles played, by the end of the episode I was hooked, it’s what we’d call a binge-worthy series. The incredibly addictive series is set out like a murder mystery, not as in a who done it, but more in the essence, you’re dying for the next secret, scandal or drama to unfold. The concept which is from the book is that this girl records cassette tapes of all those who were involved in her final demise, feels like we’re heralding back to an era once forgotten, so it seems so retro, it feels chic.


I do have to give it to Netflix for having the balls to make this book into a series, although I’m wondering if a film would have been better. I’m glad that we can now talk about these sensitive subjects and will encourage others to come forward about their experiences, breaking down these barriers of embarrassment and stigma.
I have previously talked about depression and anxiety, and I think this series perfectly sums up how empty you feel sometimes when you’re in these scenarios, and I think it’s important to speak out about mental health.  Bravo! Netflix.

Overall the episodic series is a little long per episode, but it has great depth and breath. It really allows you into the mind and understanding of Hannah Baker, and why we should never feel like we can’t seek help from others. If I could give 1 reason out of the 13 to watch this series, I think it would be to watch, listen and understand.

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