The Aura Soma Experience

I was invited to the Positive Luxury in association with Aura-Soma Pegasus inside the plush Metropolitan by Como in Knightsbridge London to celebrate Positive Week. The unusually late event which started at 7, I entered a large spinning door entrance and checked my name off the list, greeted at the door by two waiters holding cocktails, like I can say no! They were informing me what was inside the cocktails, so much information it was a brain overload, quickly saying hello to the PR and making myself comfortable. I’d never been to the Metropolitan by Como before, it was really chic inside and quite unique, something I’ll remember for a long time – I love to experience all kinds of venues for events.

I had been informed that night that the cocktails had been based around the perfumes to look, taste and smell like them, which I thought was unique take on a cocktail evening. Some were delicious and some others not to my palate liking, but some perfume you wouldn’t necessarily drink – I have to give them kudos for the fabulous idea though. The room quickly filled with people and the atmosphere was a buzz, people having their photos snapped at the press board and chatting away about their thoughts on the evening at hand. I, myself like to people watch and get a sense of how everyone’s reacting – shying away in a corner sipping on the cocktails at hand.


Later, I went over to try out the scents in hand, as I’ve only had the experience of trying one of the perfumes, it was nice to try out the whole collection. Asking about price point, I was quoted £80 a fragrance, which seems a bit above market average. I wanted to know more about the brand and its philosophy so I asked what was the inspiration behind it all, in which I was informed it was all about colour therapy and that each colour represents a mood you’re feeling at the time and it would change from month to month. Although I love the idea of colour therapy, perfume is invisible so surely its Aroma-Therapy? Maybe my misunderstanding however, Colour Therapy for perfume is an interesting one and definitely a unique selling point for this brand.

In case you think I’m trashing the brand, I am not my ultimate favourite is number 39, I would wear that all day long!


You can see more about Aura Soma Pegasus HERE


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