The effect of consent content creation

In a world where marketing and being social online can be a profitable business, ensuring you’re getting the correct message out there is constantly developing.

There are many powerful platforms out there to chose from when it comes to creating content, picking the one that suits who you are as an individual or business can be hard. Many of these platforms algorithms are based on helping people find content that they will enjoy or are of interest to them, now this varies between each social platform.

The aim of the game? To post regular content to your channel, whichever you have chosen to become a niche in – but how many times will you post? One main post a day, 3 times a week with break-ups of blogs, stories etc. When these algorithms are set out to prioritise those who create constant content, lots of people who are creators have no option but to ensure their content never goes dry. But what happens when the well does run dry? Well, it means drops in engagement and profile views, which in turn can lead to fewer opportunities to create content.

Stuck in this cycle of always creating means your content can become very similar unless you already have a set tone/look that brings consistency, but also it brings anxiety and depression when you can’t create. Many bloggers/creators have already pointed out how social media has affected their mental health, so how does this affect those whose job is to monitor a brand social media platform. Myself as a Media & Marketing professional, I can tell you, that monitoring and changing timelines with limited content to market a brand is hard work and can be stressful when limitations are set.

I personally haven’t created any form of content creation in almost 3 months, this is because I wanted to create content as and when I wanted. I even went to the extreme of deleting all my Instagram images, because of algorithm changes and my content not being seen it was affecting me too much. Sometimes, I personally need a break sometimes from sharing or creating content, but I know that means I can never be considered as a content creator because I’m not constantly planning what my next load of content will look like or any story I wanna share. This is simply because it’s my life and I should be able to share or create content whenever and not feel like I’m being punished for it not being all the time.

I spoke with my good friend Kinga Kurek, who is a blogger/youtuber when speaking about this topic got quite passionate. In a rant of what makes her create content is that is engrained into her DNA, it allows her to express herself in her own unique way.  Which I thought was a beautiful way to describe creating content, and I know she’s feeling the pressure of creating content against algorithms that support accounts with large followers. On speaking about the pressure to create content is mentally exhausting on her, it also drives her to continue to want to create content, which I thought was an interesting circle trend to follow.

I have seen so many creators out there that once they become big or have influence begin to sell out to brands, not because they’re generally interested in the brand but because they know they’re getting paid. The content does not seem genuine, how can I relate to a posed picture about a brand, why would I go buy that? There is the current debate of fake influencers, which is something that should be addressed but I think that marketing and reaching out to influencers should be more controlled and the message should be more relatable – otherwise, you might as well spend 2-3k generating your own content.

To conclude, the effect of consent content creation is that it has opened the door to imagery that has no real meaning or intent behind it, it is created for the sake of being social on a platform. We now see people emulate and copy similar images, which stifles real creativity within content creation, and now it’s all a bit the same. I personally prefer campaign work, it gives you a better chance to change your content and that you can create behind the scene content (stories) to share with your audience, something that can be followed and has a real meaning behind.

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