The final Celebrity Big Brother

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has had everyone talking, and it’s the last one they’re making they’ve announced. Within this series, we’ve had a range of celebrity figures enter the infamous house, more than ever this year seems to have brought attention back to the reality TV platform.

We’ve seen the rise of the conversation of gender fluidity, and trying to understand the difference between drag and transgender. Through it all, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Courtney Act was there to educate those who wish to understand more and want to better themselves with some LGBT history.

The most talked about part of the show was the relationship held between Andrew and Courtney aka Shane, comments made by Anne riles constants in the house and sparking conversations online. I think it’s about time we really showcase ugly people’s attitudes and that it’s not okay to act that way, I don’t care about the whole ‘different opinions’ rule. It’s not a difference of opinion when you’re voting against someone else’s rights because no one else is infringing or impacting yours either.

Celebrity Big Brother  – Finale

I’ve never believed in the word homophobia because the definition of a phobia is an irrational fear of something, clearly being vocal or aggressive to someone who’s different from you is not a phobia. With the fear of spiders, you run away from it.

I feel that this has been necessary to showcase that we have come strides in progression, but there are still those who support and value opinions of those who would take away our rights to be who we want and marry who we want. I’m so happy that in the end, Courtney won Big Brother. The first ever drag queen to win Celebrity Big Brother, and now maybe the only ever to win the crown.

This season has been a rollercoaster of a ride and shown some true colours of Celebrities and the general public – especially the comments on social media. I hope that we can continue to move forward, not backward because it’s important for us and the children of the next generation to follow their own paths.

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