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We all know the reality tv show America’s Next Top Model, it’s been running since 2003. The show was created by Supermodel Tyra Banks, in which they begin the search for the next Top Model. The series has successfully run for 23 seasons with Tyra as the host of the reality show, showing off her own modelling skills and style throughout the show.  The show was then cancelled back in October 2015, no-one knew if the reality show would ever be picked up by anyone else.

The show was finally picked back up by VH1, however, Tyra won’t be returning as head judge but she will still be the executive producer of the show – so still expect drama that we have come to love with the show. Although picking Rita Ora as the head judge, I think is just stupid, they dub her a Mogul, but surely being a supermodel or at least having experience within the industry would be what they want.
Looking through the re-vamped version of the show, it seems a little bit edgier than previous seasons and it could bring new life to the show, but I still think Rita Ora is the most boring person to pick – I have yet to see any personality throughout the clips been shown on social media. Most fans loved the show because of Tyra’s quirky personality, unique language and terms – I think lots of Tyra supporters won’t watch the show as she’s no longer in it.

As for the other judges, I absolutely love the choice of Ashley Graham, she’s set a new standard for beauty and modelling, perfect choice to reflect modern day society. I’m looking forward to her insights, although I kind of wished she was the head judge, I think she has much more of experience within the industry, she’d make a great mentor throughout the process . I haven’t heard of the other two before, one’s a creative director of Paper Magazine and the other a successful stylist to the A-listers. I guess in this respect as image creators and consultants, they will know what makes a great image and what the industry is looking for – however I believe they’ve just been picked so they’ll be bitchy and catty to make the show a little more dramatic, I’m sure they’ll prove me wrong and I hope that they do.

I do have to agree, the previous seasons of ANTM had started to become boring and predictable and in the end, I stopped watching the show. With the new revamp I’m re-interested, it could be for all the wrong reasons, but it’s clever marketing by VH1 – people will tune it to see if its bad or better.

Here’s to another year of ANTM….

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