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So as some of you may know British Vogue recently went through a serious change, the new Editor in Chief  Edward Enninful said he was determined to shake up the fashion magazine.  When Enninful took over the infamous magazine, he fired half of the staff he felt were just clinging onto an easy job, met with some serious critic.

The newly appointed head of a leading publication vowed there would be more diversity from the prestigious brand, so when they entitled the re-brand as the new Vogue everyone expectation of what a black gay man could mean to be in charge in one of the most desired magazine names. The first issue under this editors belt really launched and cemented what envisioned for the brand going forward, the model on the cover had been offered the cover before but refused. Gazing upon what was considered the new Vogue for diversity, it seemed like he’d returned to the archives of Vogue to produce what I would consider quite a poor front cover for a prestigious brand.

After the first issue under his leadership was issued, the audience waited for what was next, who would now be on the cover, what would Vogue discuss and would it go back to its roots of turning infamous people into stars.

However, it seems that magazine has gone back to old habits. Putting the same old same on the front covers to sell its bottom line, so what’s new or groundbreaking about that?  It feels as though this whole conversation piece was just pure PR by the new Editor to get more news coverage for Vogue and their own agenda, I don’t feel at all that this Vogue is any different to the years that have previously passed. And if I’m frank, I think they’re worse and not getting any better against its American partner.

I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment with the choices made by the new Editor, to say ametuer is an understatement. I feel like someone who’s not experienced at picking front covers has taken over and we’re left with slim pickings, I mean look at the Nicole Kidman cover, that’s just atrocious, to say the least!  The latest cover the Hadid models speaks for itself, models who come from a billionaire background, not self-made or even from a reality show. In the magazine they are naked in a black and white double spread, engulfing each other in a provocative way.

It feels to me that the “new” Vogue, it’s that new at all. It’s just got an editor who is young and they thought would add value to the brand, well let me tell you, Conde Nast, wrong decision. The recently appointed Editor in Cheif is not delivering on his promise, nor is British Vogue delivering anything that would be revolutionary.

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