The Reality of Fashion Blogging.

We all know how popular blogging has become in the 21st century, but what is the reality behind it? Well I looked at many blogs how they’re written, how long they’ve been up and what people had to do to make their dream an actual job.

Fashion Blogging is probably one of the most popular ways of blogging, lots of PR’s and Fashion Brands team up with influential bloggers around the world to spread the word about their latest collection, or even just a press release. But what does this mean to anyone starting out in the world of Fashion Blogging? Well, you’ll pretty much starting out from the bottom, having to review products you buy from the supermarket and clothes you buy from the high street.

We all know that Blogging can be glamorous, but it can also be the very opposite, it involves lots of research which includes being ahead of the trends, getting information before huge publications and spending most of your time broke trying to make it happen. What I’ve noticed in particular happening within bloggers who already live luxurious lifestyles, it is causing to make people believe that they can make that happen for them too. I personally wish that this kind of blogger were forced to disclose information that wasn’t misleading and that not every blogger can afford Chanel and trips to America every other week, not all bloggers get their own collaborations with huge designer brands and not all bloggers sit front row at Fashion Week neither.

Fashion blogging has to be one of the most impressionable forms of Media, seen by over 1 billion people (estimate average) and it shoots out new stars every season. Including stylist, designers and now even bloggers can be the stars. But what does this mean for girls looking inwards to these influential bloggers? Seeing some girls aspiring to look like them, live like them and even get credit cards so they can do it too. Where is the responsibility, in most businesses you have to state when something has been paid for in terms of Advertising, but you don’t have to do this for Platforms such as Instagram. Not only that but watching YouTube videos on how to get the Style/Fashion Bloggers pictures to get those all important likes, which is a shameful way to promote yourself (in my opinion), they use programmes that are pretty much close to Photoshop, what’s real about that?

We’re also seeing a rise in Fashion Vloggers, who show the world what their latest buy was. Even though half the time it’s paid for and they haven’t actually bought it, but that’s beside the point. Some Vloggers have become internet stars, leading them to get bigger opportunities as their voices are spread to millions of people. Considering these are supposedly voices of the people, they live in lavish parental homes and play tricks on each other which would cost a normal viewer hundreds of pounds to pull off. Now I’m not being all negative and down, there is a great thing about these personalities they talk about their own personal struggles and share it with the world – allowing others in and creating a better connection to their audience.
However what I’ve never agreed with is that they have blogs as a side part to their videos and you can see why they’re not writers, but because they’ve got a big audience they get signed book deals. Which for any actual professional or freelance writer would be a dream come true, not only that but they don’t even write it themselves, which in the end they have to admit. I think that’s a massive thing that should be talked about, not because I’m bitter or jealous, not in the slightest – congrats to them and their success. I think for anyone to call themselves a best-selling author and not have actually written it, well that’s misleading advertising for me – you can’t be an author and have parts Ghost Written, yes everyone gets edited, but not everyone has a side-kick to make you look better.

Overall it has its ups and downs like most jobs, but some people it’s never a career it’s just a hobby. Not everyone can make it work, and not everyone wants to be the next biggest blogger, my advice would be know your own voice – find what kind of subjects you want to talk about and be the best at what you do, because you can have lots of followers, but if you’re not interesting no-one will read it.

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