Travel & LGBTQ Restrictions

Whilst there has been amazing progress made within many countries across the world on LGBTQ rights, there are still plenty of countries where LGBTQ right have not yet been discussed or even considered. Whilst we still march and have pride to showcase our progression within our own countries, we hope that other countries take note and action what’s right for their citizens.

Whilst I’m thinking about travelling abroad for my honeymoon with my husband-to-be, we’re looking for potential new destinations to visit. Well, this has proven difficult since there are still plenty of holiday destinations where in that country it is not safe to be within the LGBT community.

Here’s a current list of places that we need to avoid:

  • Morocco
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Dubai
  • Qutar
  • St Lucia

This is just naming a few places we have looked into for our getaway, most straight people are surprised when you bring it up in conversation when they recommend places, forgetting their utter privilege of not being discriminated or imprisoned for their choice of who they love.


I have heard people tell me that some laws only apply to the people who practice the religion, but why would you take the risk of going to a country where you may or may not be safe. I would rather know that I’m not going to be beaten, killed or imprisoned within that country just because they’re views do not match mine.

Equally, there are many destinations where I would not want to travel, simply since they do not interest me or I know poverty is rife within that destination. Where there are poverty and tourism, always means a risk in pick-pockets and theft of personal goods. Yes, you do get this in every country you visit, because they believe tourists are easy targets.

I hope that in the next 10 years we don’t have to worry which countries we need to avoid and that we all have the ability to see the world and its history. Because, in the end, we’re all the same, and we all live and die.

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