What is it to be Gay?

So what is it to be gay? Homosexuality has believed to have been around for centuries in many animal species, so why not the human race? We all know that the history of gay men and women has been one of struggle and fight for equal rights.

The gay community is one of acceptance and guidance, but is it really? We’ve had many a famous celebrities who were advocates during the 80’s and even before then, we’ve had Oscar Wilde and how could we forget Freddie Mercury, this is just the beginning of the Ice Burg. The introduction of Stonewall and the law reversal of making ‘Homosexuality’ illegal, which was only 49years ago! In many ways we have come forward but in many ways, lots more to go.

In a world that is so diverse, why is it so important to be a certain way? Why do these comments of ” I like my men to be men”, talking about feminine gay men, I understand we all have our sexual preferences and fetishes – but at least say that! We still have comments of “that’s a stereotype, that makes the gay community look bad”, but why not go out and change it? Or is it your desire to fit into Societies pressure for you to fit in, for you to be “Straight” or “Masculine” because this is obviously what makes you man. What happened to being individual, being supportive of those within your community, finally what about not excluding those who don’t fit your idea of what gay actually is.

Why label someone a stereotype just because they might like the things, we as a society would consider “girly”. It also works for anyone who identifies as a Lesbian, I’m not sure if it is societies pressure to identify yourself, who you are, so they can market towards you – or it’s something ingrained into our fibre. I’ve always enjoyed the saying ‘Gender Fluid’, most people would say that’s just so PC. I don’t believe so, I think there’s so many things people identify with, they might like to carry a handbag, wear lipstick or some form of makeup. They might like sports gear, lounge wear and not even care if they’re wearing anything on their face at all, like I say it takes all to make the world.

It’s possibly why I respect Drag Queens so much, not only are they gender bending, they’re making a joke out of societies expectations and turning them on their heads. Leading the way in the frontier of rights and spreading the message of love and acceptance, for anyone that watches RuPauls Drag Race, it’s as simple as “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love someone else”.

Lots of people have said we’re spending too much time fighting each other about what is acceptable within our community, that we’re not focusing on the important issues within it. Such as Transgender rights, making them feel accepted by us and fighting for society to join us in our advocation of they’re people too, who deserve respect. Keeping Pride about a Celebration of our history and reminder that people are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender – not about parties, drugs, a sell out to corporations. We are a community, together we should stand strong, support each other. Not set-up tribes so we can identify with each like some pre-historic morons, we are intelligent people, we have the power to change the world.

So what is it to be gay? I say it’s to be who you are, unapologetic, accepting of those within your community, standing together in times when it’s needed to support others who might not share the same freedoms and not forgetting to educate those who would want to see our rights taken away.

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